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So, this is Gokyo Ri, the summit of the trek we did, with Everest in the background (still gives me goosebumps writing that!). 5,470 metres!! It was an amazing achievement and experience for both of us - thanks more than a little bit to you! - Kay C

So, this is Gokyo Ri, the summit of the trek we did, with Everest in the background (still gives me goosebumps writing that!). 5,470 metres!! It was an amazing achievement and experience for both of us - thanks more than a little bit to you! - Kay C

Training with guidance

I have been a long time gym goer. I've maintained a rather healthy weight range and have always loved lifting as heavy as possible and enjoy every second of my training. That said, my programming was always a bit of a 'guesstimate' rather than actually detailed and prepared correctly. This was what brought me to have a conversation with Jace, where he explained how he could help improve not just my plan but also correctly set out a more 'balanced' training schedule that took into consideration my work, lifestyle and made me more accountable for my diet and other factors that influenced my training.

To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect as I'd never trained with anybody else (let alone a trainer) before, so I was absolutely gob-smacked at how much knowledge he brought in to our training, but also at how my results went from being 'reasonable' to incredible in a really short amount of time. My three main lifts were Bench Press, where I had a 400lb goal, Deadlift, which I was trying to get to 250kg and Squat, which was my most confident lift, but sitting at approximately 110kg max pre-Jace. Once we began, I got stronger and stronger and stronger - my last phase of training saw me bench 175kg, deadlift 200kg and squat 185kg. To say I was happy is an understatement and I will forever have a "go-to" practitioner for all things related to strength. I've currently had to take a break from training due to work commitments but I guarantee that once this settles, I'll be back training under Jace and looking at achieving my set of goals - goals I never dreamed possible without his guidance. Thanks for the help JK!

- Jono B

Staying Injury-free

I've trained with Jace now for over 3 years. Playing netball at a high level my whole life, it has always been important for me to stay fit, strong and healthy both on and off the court. Jace has helped me do that. He has been extremely motivational throughout the latter years of my sporting life, keeping me on track with my training, my food and life in general. There is nothing like a message from him during the day making sure I get to training on the days I just don't feel like it - if it wasn't for those texts I probably wouldn't go and certainly wouldn't be where I am today.

Jace has helped me achieve all my fitness goals, not only during the season, but in the off-season where it counts the most. During the netball season and being an older player, one of my biggest battles is trying to stay injury free. Jace has been great with helping me avoid these injuries and also keeping me on the court during the season, when those 'niggly' injuries occur. Last season I played with a bad calf, yet once we worked out the issue he set out some rehab that I could incorporate into my regular training - that rehab kept me playing and helped me play in the lead up and into our grand final. If it wasn't for Jace keeping me going over the last 3 years, I would probably be a retired netballer, who sits on the couch not doing much at all. Instead I'm 36 years old, still playing the sport I love and feel the healthiest and fittest I have probably ever been.

- Michelle S

Developing Core strength

I’ve been training with Lucy now for a couple of years and couldn’t be happier. Not only am I physically stronger and fitter, but my core strength and posture is better than ever. Lucy focuses largely on good technique therefore enhancing physical strength, flexibility and fitness. Even better is that I have fun and laugh. Exercise and training is something that I look forward to every week.

- Jen P

Good times & Fun

I have trained regularly with Lucy since 2008 in personal training, group running and group workout situations. Never during this time have I dreaded attending a session or had any qualms that Lucy would push me in a way that would result in injury. She is always positive, motivating and provides fantastic advice on a wide range of subjects, including nutrition. I now share PT sessions with a friend twice a week and we manage to have a good time as well as a great workout – we are always glad we went along!

- Sally H

Better Health

I first met Jace Kelly from the Core Health Group just over twelve months ago after being referred to him by my doctor. After some discussion and feeling slightly intimidated, Jace encouraged me to try a fitness program to help me overcome some of my health issues. I've now been converted and I happily attend the gym three times a week. I have better fitness, I've lost weight and gained better control of my pre-diabetic state, and I now know that I am in a much healthier position to enjoy the future without fear of illness.

- Suzy B

Accident Recovery

I am so grateful for the help I have received from Lucy at Core Health Group over the last 12 months. I have no doubt that I wouldn’t have achieved the recovery I have made without her help. I had the serious injury of 6 vertebral fractures after being hit by a car when cycling in late December 2016. Once I had medical clearance to start rehab I started intensively working with Lucy from about March 2017.

Lucy gave me a thorough assessment followed by a skilled  program offered with a patient-friendly and down to earth approach with lots of positive encouragement along the way. This was particularly helpful to me early on when I was full of doubts and fears that I might not be able to return to full-time work and my two main hobbies of surfing and cycling. I am so glad I placed my trust in Lucy explaining that good recovery takes time versus trying to take short cuts with potential for further injury and longer term disability. Early on the exercises begin at a basic level but each advancing stage of exercises builds on the previous exercises with ultimately sustainable progress being made. In my case that is returning to work, surfing and cycling. I would thoroughly recommend working with Lucy to improve injury or other forms of physical problems via an exercise-based recovery program.

- Stephen M

Understand your body

I have joint hyper-mobility and came to see Lucy after about a year of seeing different PTs and going to different gyms but constantly injuring myself. Lucy understands my physicality (better than I do!) and in the few months since I have started training with her my strength and fitness has increased and I have stayed injury-free. My Myotherapist, Chris Di Giusto referred me to Lucy and I've found that working with both of them has really improved my health and fitness as well as helping me to better understand my strengths and limitations.

- Rina G

Life Changing

I was referred to Jace by my doctor after being diagnosed with diabetes in September 2015 at the age of 50. I was overweight, unfit and very stressed. I started out doing one group session a week and walking most days. I began a food diary and we discussed what needed to change. In a few short months I began to see the benefits as well as my dress size decrease! I felt the need to up the ante and began 1:1 sessions with Jace of the amazing gym at Anytime Fitness in Grovedale. We worked on my strength with resistance training, cardio, functional movement and I did a lot of work on improving my breathing technique. Fast forward 2 years later and I am still at it, I have reversed my diabetes which is truly awesome and life changing on its own. Jace has helped me so much and helped me regain parts of me that l thought lost forever and made me see the possibility of me doing things I'd never dreamed of two years ago. I've now done two 'Mud Challenges' and taken up contemporary dance. My heartfelt thanks just doesn't seem enough. Every sore muscle I have earned for myself and I look forward to continuing the journey.

- Andrea S

Weight Loss

I started Push classes with Lucy around 8 months ago. My goal was to improve my fitness and loose the puppy fat that had developed in my early teens. I have been eating healthy and training with Lucy 2 or 3 times a week. To date I have lost 18 kg and have new found energy in my work and contentment with life in general. Lucy has been great for my confidence and has encouraged me all the way. Thank you Lucy I know with your help I will continue to achieve my fitness goals and dream weight.

- Jessie L