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Core Health Group
A new Age in Health and Physcial Therapy

Individual Services



We offer face-to-face consultations or online services via Skype or Facetime. Home visits are also available depending on the circumstances of the client.



  • Long-term back, shoulder, neck, knee or hip pain management
  • Athletic strength and conditioning
  • Pre- and post-surgery treatment
  • Management of chronic conditions

Group Services



Core Health Group offers a range of group services to clients throughout the year depending on the amount of people requiring the same service. Department of Veteran Affairs clients and Type 2 Diabetics are eligible for fully paid or rebated group sessions a year with Accredited Exercise Physiologists.

Often after individual consultations clients choose to attend small group sessions to maintain their strength and function and prevent further injury. Maximum 6 people per group.



  • Type 2 Diabetes Programs
  • Injury rehabilitation and prevention workshops such as Happy Hips, Shapely Shoulders, Better Backs

Corporate Services



Would you like your employees to complete their responsibilities and tasks in a safer manner? Do you want to reduce workplace injuries?

Core Health Group has worked with the WETTENHALLS Group Freight & Transport Company and the YMCA. View our recent work with WETTENHALLS for an example of our instructional videos and see what we can do for your corporation and work force.


Corporate services may include

  • Instructional videos
  • Health quizzes
  • Functional capacity evaluations
  • Workshops on injury prevention
  • Workshops on stress reduction

Workshops & Seminars



We can tailor workshops and seminars to specific topics relating to you and your organisation.


Workshop Topics May include

  • Injury prevention
  • Healthy eating
  • Stress reduction