Q: How much does a consultation cost and how long are they?

Our initial private consultations are 60 minutes and cost $88.00. Thereafter sessions can be booked for 45 minutes ($77.00) or 30 minutes ($66.00). The time required will be discussed with you prior to any appointments being booked and will depend on what needs to be covered in that session.

Q: Am I eligible for rebates?

Core Health Group is approved by most private health funds. It will be up to the individual level of cover you have as to how much percentage you can claim from sessions.

DVA War Veterans are covered on Gold and White Cards for Exercise Physiology and Core Health Group will cover your gym membership.

Work  Safe Victoria claimants are eligible (if with GP approval) for Exercise Physiology rehabilitation.

Transport Accident Committe (TAC) Approved.

Medicare approved: Exercise Physiology is included in the Enhanced Primary Care Plan program at your medical centre. If your Doctor sees Exercise Physiology as appropriate treatment for your chronic condition you can claim up to $265/calendar year through Medicare.

NDIS: Some clients will be eligible for government funded treatment due to their disability. This is up to the client to investigate.